[PTS001 - LP] King Filament - The Unlucky Palindrome

All of these songs were written and recorded during my college years. Some friends (and some acquaintances) lived in house whose address was 1331. I came up with the nickname the Unlucky Palindrome (you know, 13) and it kinda stuck. Some lucky things and some unlucky things happened there, but in retrospect, for my musical development, perhaps the luckiest thing was that my friend Jim needed somewhere to keep his drums, and my bedroom was just big enough to have them set up, and to have my bed in the large closet. I had purchased a BOSS BR-8, which recorded on expensive Zip disks, and one interesting summer I wrote and recorded these songs.

     ZIP file of all songs (ZIP, 42.4 MB)
     01 Being Away (MP3, 3.9 MB)
     02 Name In Lights (MP3, 3.2 MB)
     03 Eddie and Sharlene (MP3, 6.5 MB)
     04 Needn’t Worry (MP3, 2.1 MB)
     05 Suit and Overcoat (MP3, 2.3 MB)
     06 Underneath the Awning (MP3, 3.9 MB)
     07 Fishing Contest (MP3, 2.6 MB)
     08 Vice Versa (MP3, 3.1 MB)
     09 What Is It Worth To You (MP3, 2.1 MB)
     10 Your Life Demand (MP3, 4.8 MB)
     11 Electro Thing (MP3, 2.0 MB)
     12 Name In Lights 2 (MP3, 3.2 MB)
     13 Being Away 2 (MP3, 3.6 MB)


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