[PTS002 - EP] The Square Miles

Somehow, my friend Rob and I got enough people together to have a band for a long enough time to record this EP. We had talked about it and played together for a while, jamming in my apartment or at his house on songs that I had written. I worked at Whole Foods, and he worked at Harmonie Park Studio, a place where the likes of Aretha Franklin have recorded. I met a bass player named John at a New Year’s Eve party, and in turn, he knew a drummer named Terry. We started practicing in the middle of the night at Harmonie Park, thanks to Rob’s boss being a good guy. We eventually recorded this EP there. And then, when a name for the band couldn’t be agreed upon (the Square Miles was really just MY name for the band… everyone else had their own ideas — I didn’t care that much, to be honest, as long as we played), we promptly broke up. Which is perhaps the stupidest reason for breaking up. Oh, there were other issues, like Terry not exactly liking the band, and me losing my Whole Foods job, and John being homeless. Anyway, all probably for the best. My favorite of this batch is Alibi.

     ZIP file of all songs (ZIP, 12.4 MB)
     01 Alibi (MP3, 4.0 MB)
     02 The Joneses (MP3, 3.7 MB)
     03 Reconstructive Surgery (MP3, 2.7 MB)
     04 Figured Out (MP3, 2.4 MB)


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