The Low Hello, 1.27.07, Elbow Room soundboard recording

Some more the Low Hello stuff from the archives — I found this soundboard recording and some photos from this show at the Elbow Room in Ypsi… I remember the night being really exciting and electric in some regard. The crowd was well drunk and we got a lot of positive feedback and shouts of enthusiasm from the audience. I may have been well drunk myself — proof of that is evident if you listen to the full recording and happen upon the way I inelegantly screw up Recess and have no idea how to recover, though the band tries to guide me in one direction or another. But the crowd was forgiving, and it turned out being one of the more memorable shows we did, to me at least. The rest of the songs sound pretty damn good, as well. I (purposely) left off an individual MP3 version of Recess (which is the 4th song in the set) due to it not being good AT ALL (and to make you dig if you really want to hear me embarrass myself).

     01 Downside
     02 I Got Carpet
     03 Nostalgia Makes Confusion
     04 Summer Insects
     05 Check Your Pockets
     06 Lying Down


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