Mission accomplished?

On Sunday, I was in Lansing finishing up vocals and other embellishments on the EP I’ve been working on since 12/29/07 (and actually, earlier than that, because I had to write the songs and practice with the drummer before our first real recording session on that day).

At this point, it is sounding like I’m done with recording all the parts! Now (well, in a couple weeks, when John gets his new faster better computer) starts the mixing. I wanted to thank everyone who contributed parts to the songs, too. Everyone’s stuff is awesome and really complements my simple songs and makes them incredibly good!

Dan Bernard did drums and a bunch of great little guitar parts.
Chris Holt did organ, piano and some sweet sax parts.
Ian Graham played bass on half the songs.
John Krohn engineered and had some great ideas on changing parts, and played bass on half the songs.
And a mystery trumpet player added a trumpet part to a song when I wasn’t there. Thanks mystery guy! (I’ll definitely get your name for the liner credits).

Now to get some artwork for the cover. It’s looking likely that maybe 4 out of the 6 songs will be released as a 7″ record (only 4 due to length limitations of a 7″ record) on John’s vinyl label, Lower Peninsula Records… More on that later. One step at a time…


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