RPM Challenge

I had signed up to do the RPM Challenge, which is essentially the NaNoWriMo of songwriting, during the month of February. However, due to my February starting off with some very weird, busy times, I ended up starting really late. The goal is to do 10 songs or 35 minutes in 28 days, and I just started yesterday.

Anyway, I’m not gonna hold myself to finishing, but I’m going to try, because working on music always makes me feel better, and I’ve needed some “feel better” activities this month. So I’m just going to post all my finished songs up here, in addition to at the RPM Challenge site.

The next post will be the first song I finished today, “In the Cellar”… I’m trying to do these fast, so I’ve done minimal mixing/editing, so it’s rough draft/demo quality, which is sort of fun sometimes. However many I finish by the end of the month, I’ll package them up as an EP ZIP file and put it up on the Music page.


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