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i promise i’ll go back to just posting music soon

Ok. So I did some stuff. Totally boring stuff, but I think it’s good now. I changed up the Links at the top to make them make more sense (I think). I took away the link to How Does It Know? because I haven’t written there in several months. Not sure what to do with that blog, but I might just use that URL now to promote my upcoming EP, How Does It Know?.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m done screwing around with colors. I just made everything the same color as the big text and lines and think that was a good choice. I’m not sure why I chose pink originally, but I did, and I’ve been wanting to get rid of the pink for a while. Mission accomplished.

The Music page is reorganized, and you can actually just get the songs directly from there.

In the sidebar, I added some more links I like, and got rid of the Blip.fm widget. I kind of stopped using Blip, and it kept showing my last listened to song as “Owner of a Lonely Heart”.

Ok. Come back soon for a new song (it’s sounding pretty awesome so far). I’m off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

fake graph paper

I just learned how to make a grid pattern (to emulate graph paper, which I actually drew my last header on) in Photoshop. I think it looks pretty good. Anyway, I’m done with that for now. Just as a reminder, if it’s not obvious that this is an improvement, here’s the old header.

OK! That’s all for now. Hope to have a new song up within a week, if I can get over to Dan’s sometime and record the drums.

Messing with the header

I’ll be messing with the header in the next few days… The wonderful Angela Duncan drew up a new header that is way better than anything I did prior to now. I’ll be messing with the colors. Also considering a slight facelift in terms colors all over the site. Not sure yet!

That’s all. Carry on.


This week, as I work on code for my job throughout the evenings, I’ve also been using Blip.fm to listen to music. It’s a pretty cool little service in the vein of Twitter, only for music. You can have your “blips” (i.e. songs you listen to/add to a running playlist you’re creating, which other people can see and give you “props” on if they enjoy your selection) fed directly into your Twitter too, but I didn’t feel like cluttering up my Twitter feed with blips. Anyway, check out my playlist so far if you want to listen to some music, and if you like what I’m spinning, add me as a favorite.

EDIT: in an effort to totally overwhelm viewers of this site with information in the right hand side column, I added a little Blip.fm feed widget that looks like this:

Click any of the songs and you can listen to it via Blip.fm.

“How Does It Know?” recording, 2/8/09, Lansing

EDIT: ALL the photos (not just the ones below) are on the Facebook PTS page now, which is here.

Just a few photos to share from our day of recording in Lansing last Sunday. We were able to track Chris’ remaining parts (saxophone, piano, and organ) and Dan’s newer guitar parts, both of which came out great. Thanks John too, for working with me/us all day and letting me crash in the studio.

everyone round the organ
listening to Chris plink piano
krohn shows some deets on the organ to Chris
dan rockin the guit
chris on saxamaphone

Site changes

So I made some site “design” change (if you can call what I do “design”)…

They include:

1. Making the reading/content area white, instead of the #FFE4E4.
2. Made the side unused space #FFCCCC instead of white.
3. Made navigation links slightly smaller.
4. Made post titles a little smaller.
5. Put a line dividing the main content area and the sidebar.
6. Reduced space between the navigation bar and the start of the content.

I think I’m liking it better. The next upgrade I want to make soon is have a friend redraw the header. I have had a love/hate relationship with the logo/header. I like my style and what I was going for, but since I am no good at drawing, things aren’t straight, and my lack of Photoshop skills have made it so I can’t get the color quite right, and well, I’d like it nicer because I want this site to be a longterm thing. So, that’ll be done soon.

Anyway, there you go! This Sunday, I’m heading up to Lansing to record piano, sax, and guitar with Chris and Dan. I am hoping to get a LOT done that day so neither of those guys have to make the trek to Lansing again. Hope to have something new up here soon too. Later.


Regular visitors to the site may have noticed the “My Twitter” widget on the right column of this site… If not, this post is here to point it out!

After holding out for a long time, I decided to get a Twitter account, and after a few days, I’ve decided I like it. Follow me and Part Time Songs if you are a twerson* who does such things at twitter.com/PartTimeSongs. I’ll be sure to put updates about any new music I’m writing, recording or performing in amongst the other things I’ll tweet about.

*I have no idea if anyone uses the term twerson… I’ve heard tweeple, so I just assumed…

the Low Hello photos up at PTS Facebook page

I added a bunch of photos to the Part Time Songs Facebook page. They’re all from the Low Hello days, like 2006-2007. Check them out… The Facebook interface for uploading photos is good and much easier than trying to put up photos here, so that’s where they’ll be. The PTS page is public so you don’t even really need a Facebook account to see them.