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[REDO] Marshmallow Mission - Workaround

Hey everyone… I decided I didn’t like the mix/lack of complexity in the first version of Workaround, so I’ve remixed it and added some stuff… My heart wasn’t in it the first time (I just wanted to finish something)… I like it a whole lot better now… take a listen again:

     Workaround (MP3, 3.9 MB)

[PTS010 - SONG] Marshmallow Mission - Workaround

Sometimes you need to get something done. Sometimes things stand in your way.

We recorded this one on the same day we did People Say, but I was lazy and uninspired. Here it is now.

     Workaround (MP3, 4.2 MB)

[PTS009 - SONG] Sit Up, Sit Down

I saw giant swarms of birds changing direction quickly in the stormy sky on my drive home. Some landed on electric wires momentarily, but most flew around frantically, as though none of them knew where they were going, but were all thinking the exact same thing.

     Sit Up, Sit Down (MP3, 4.9 MB)

[PTS008 - SONG] Marshmallow Mission - People Say

This is a fun upbeat one and I did all the non-drum recording in Sonar 7, which I’m learning lately. The drums were recorded with one SM58 set up in front of the drum kit. They sound pretty nice for the extremely simple setup.

We’ll be doing more songs under the name Marshmallow Mission (which is my friend Dan Bernard on drums and me doing everything else), using the same quick ‘n’ dirty drum recording technique.

Also, perhaps of interest is that this song is kind of a rework of That’s What People Say, from my earlier work, Songs of the Month 2005.

     People Say (MP3, 5.7 MB)

[PTS007 - SONG] Hold It Till It’s Gold

Ok guys, new category: [SONG]… Just single songs not as part of a “Release”. These won’t be shown on the Releases page, but perhaps someday in the future I’ll package a bunch of [SONG]s together to make a [PTSXXX]. edit: who cares? they’re all up there now. these are the kinds of decisions you have to make when you have a fake record label. -ss

Anyway, this one is called Hold It Till It’s Gold and came to me while on a bike ride. It gave me an opportunity to mess around with the Alesis ControlPad I got a little while ago.

     Hold It Till It’s Gold (MP3, 1.7 MB)