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[PTS012 - SONG] Under Some Sky

I was playing around with a free VST synth and came up with the bassline for this one first, and built everything else around that. The lyrics came really easily after that. It’s a short one but I like it. At first my idea was to have a few different song snippets with the theme of the sky, but I’ve just got this one right now.

As an aside, I’m turning 30 next weekend and I think it’d be cool if the Facebook Part Time Songs page could reach 30 fans by then. We’re already up at 27, so if you’re on Facebook and haven’t “fanned” me, feel free to do so!

     Under Some Sky (MP3, 2.1 MB)

“How Does It Know?” recording, 2/8/09, Lansing

EDIT: ALL the photos (not just the ones below) are on the Facebook PTS page now, which is here.

Just a few photos to share from our day of recording in Lansing last Sunday. We were able to track Chris’ remaining parts (saxophone, piano, and organ) and Dan’s newer guitar parts, both of which came out great. Thanks John too, for working with me/us all day and letting me crash in the studio.

everyone round the organ
listening to Chris plink piano
krohn shows some deets on the organ to Chris
dan rockin the guit
chris on saxamaphone

the Low Hello photos up at PTS Facebook page

I added a bunch of photos to the Part Time Songs Facebook page. They’re all from the Low Hello days, like 2006-2007. Check them out… The Facebook interface for uploading photos is good and much easier than trying to put up photos here, so that’s where they’ll be. The PTS page is public so you don’t even really need a Facebook account to see them.

Part Time Songs on Facebook

Hey there everyone… Just a quick note to mention that Part Time Songs has a presence on Facebook now. A Facebook “page”, if you will. If you’re on Facebook, you should join up, and get future updates in a Facebook-generation friendly way.