Hi! You’ve found the record label of me, Sunil Sawani. I live in the Metro Detroit area and write songs and go to work. I don’t always have time to write songs or ideas for songs to write, but when I do, I like to record them and put them on the web. These are all the songs I feel are worthy of a public audience (pretty much… some were probably lost due to crashed hard drives and tapes being left about while moving). I call it a record label, because it’s got stuff from old bands I was in, solo stuff, more solo stuff under different monikers, and so on. But usually it’s all me. I sometimes work with a small variety of different friends on drums, bass, second guitar and other instruments. Take a look at the Music I have so far and have a listen. There will be more to come, so keep checking in.

I also have a 12″ 45rpm EP out on Lower Peninsula Records! It’s called How Does It Know? and has beautiful artwork (featuring a bunny and a robot) by illustrator Angela Duncan, and lovely sounds (featuring me and my band). ORDER IT NOW AT LOWER PENINSULA RECORDS!!!! It’s really good and I’m really excited about it.

If you have anything to tell me (I like email), write me at smsawani [AT] yahoo [DOT] com (make the proper adjustments to the address yourself).