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What’s going on? Where have I been?

Hi! I was just revisiting this site, and saw that the last thing I’d posted was from December 2010, and figured I should write a little note to those that try to keep up/pay attention to what I do.

It’s been a pretty interesting, eventful year, whose events really had not a whole lot to do with music, and more to do with my interpersonal relationships and my job. I guess I needed that time away from songwriting to remember how much I like/missed songwriting. I’ve barely worked on anything solo lately*. Except, I AM writing again now. I’m trying to put together a good set of songs for another EP (or perhaps LP). So I think what I’m going to do is record them when I can and post the demos up here. The intention then, would be, when the writing is complete, to take the songs somewhere and record them with someone good at recording.

The link for the first one is down below at the bottom of this post… It’s a rough mix. I’m finding I’m sort of out of practice in the mixing and mastering department, which is why it seems best to collect songs and get someone good to record them. It’s called “I Don’t Wanna Build”.

The other thing is that I’m sort of thinking about transitioning away from this site, and starting to use BandCamp as my main place to post music. I am still working on uploading all my stuff, but at first I’ll put up Tenille, the Low Hello, and How Does It Know? (with perhaps an option to buy any of them). I’m still working out how I’ll post the one-offs. Probably still here. Such as the demos for this thing I talked about above.

Anyway, take a listen to the song. And check back soon, because I will definitely be posting more frequently from now on.

     I Don’t Wanna Build (DEMO)

* I HAVE been writing some songs with a good friend (that are turning out pretty amazingly), and our internet debut should be happening sometime very soon.