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New musics for YOU!

Hey there, everyone. A couple news bulletins of utmost importance:

There are two new things to listen to that have me on them!

The first is the song “In the Cellar” I mentioned in a previous post. The 3-Way Singles Club for February is out, and that’s my song on it. Take a listen. It’s infectious, so they tell me.

     In the Cellar (streaming at Bandcamp)

The second is that my band with my friend Laura, A Lady Never Tells, just finished our first EP, and it was just released on our Bandcamp site today! Please take 12.4 minutes to listen to the 5 songs we made! We’re really proud of it, and think it came out great.

     A Lady Never Tells EP (streaming at Bandcamp)

Hahaha, I covered Guns N’ Roses at some point!

I came across this today while going through my iTunes library and old recording project files. Over a year ago, I recorded this cover of Guns N’ Roses’ song “Patience”, as part of a Christmas gift (based on an inside joke) for an old friend. I took a listen and was like “hmm, this isn’t so bad, for a GN’R cover, done very quickly and sloppily in a few hours, and it sounds like ‘me’ for sure, except that I would definitely not consciously write lyrics using the words ’sad sugar’, but what the hell…”, so I’m putting it up here. :) Enjoy!

     cover of GN’R’s “Patience” (MP3)

2011 Suburban Sprawl Music Holiday Compilation

Hi again. See, I told you I’d be back. The 2011 Suburban Sprawl Music Holiday Compilation came out today, and this year I was involved in two of the songs on it.

First up was my solo song (the second to last song on Disc 1), “These People Aren’t Your Friends, Santa (Claus)”… the other one is by a new project I’m doing with my good friend Laura. Our band is called A Lady Never Tells, and this is our INTERNET DEBUT! Our song is the first one on Disc 2, “Greyhound Bus on Christmas Day”. It’s a sad slow song, and Laura sings beautifully on it. Mine’s more of a pop number in the vein of… well, in the vein of ME.

So go check those out! http://www.suburbansprawlmusic.com/xmas/

In other news, the next song I’m doing that actually has a deadline on it is a single for It Takes A Village To Make Records’ 3-Way Singles Club… which is a really cool project Peter Richards (he’s also the guy who did the layout on my How Does It Know? record) invited me to participate in. I believe I’ll be on the February volume. So I’ve got a couple months to do that.

In other unrelated news, I found out my company is closing within a month, so I will be unemployed. Which has kind of thrown my life into a bit of a weird state, as I’ve had my job almost 8 years. It was sort of a family, a small, hard-working DIY type of software development company. I am SO sad to see it go. It’s obviously been a giant part of my life. I worked there longer than I was married. I worked there longer than a LOT of things, in fact. So I’m also going to be working on my resume and trying to sell myself to Corporate America (or maybe I’ll find another tiny gem of a company out there that’ll have me so I can avoid suits and rat races — that would be ideal). Gonna be a busy month. But with no real WORK to do at work, I should be able to fit in that songwriting by the deadline. I hope!

[PTS015 - SONG] I Want Christmas All Year Long (Not Six Months Only)

Here’s the song I did for the SubSprawl Holiday Comp. I already talked about the song here, so just enjoy! (Special thanks to Dan, Billy and my wife for their contributions of drums, bass and sleigh bell, respectively.)

     I Want Christmas All Year Long (Not Six Months Only) (MP3, 6.2 MB)

[PTS014 - SONG] A Better Explanation

What? You don’t get it? Me neither.

     A Better Explanation (MP3, 2.9 MB)

[PTS013 - SONG] Marshmallow Mission - Careful Planning

Life changes, fast sometimes. Brilliant ideas fail, progress is lost, chaos and stability fight each other, with chaos coming out slightly ahead. Careful planning for the unknown might help. If it doesn’t help, at least it keeps us busy, thinking, occupied awaiting the next change.

     Careful Planning (MP3, 4.5 MB)

[PTS012 - SONG] Under Some Sky

I was playing around with a free VST synth and came up with the bassline for this one first, and built everything else around that. The lyrics came really easily after that. It’s a short one but I like it. At first my idea was to have a few different song snippets with the theme of the sky, but I’ve just got this one right now.

As an aside, I’m turning 30 next weekend and I think it’d be cool if the Facebook Part Time Songs page could reach 30 fans by then. We’re already up at 27, so if you’re on Facebook and haven’t “fanned” me, feel free to do so!

     Under Some Sky (MP3, 2.1 MB)

[PTS011 - SONG] On Inaugural Eve

An instrumental I’ve had running through my head for days that I had to get out. Photo courtesy of my wife. Tonight, I feel like it evokes thoughts of Obama’s inauguration. Perhaps because it’s tomorrow.

     On Inaugural Eve (MP3, 3.8 MB)