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New musics for YOU!

Hey there, everyone. A couple news bulletins of utmost importance:

There are two new things to listen to that have me on them!

The first is the song “In the Cellar” I mentioned in a previous post. The 3-Way Singles Club for February is out, and that’s my song on it. Take a listen. It’s infectious, so they tell me.

     In the Cellar (streaming at Bandcamp)

The second is that my band with my friend Laura, A Lady Never Tells, just finished our first EP, and it was just released on our Bandcamp site today! Please take 12.4 minutes to listen to the 5 songs we made! We’re really proud of it, and think it came out great.

     A Lady Never Tells EP (streaming at Bandcamp)

New song, new home

First, the song. I did that song for Peter Richards’ 3-Way Singles Club. I wrote it back in Feb 2010, and decided to dig it up again for this, since lately, it’s very applicable. It’s called “In the Cellar“. Back then it was about making music in a basement and figuring out my life. This time it’s about living in a basement and figuring out my life. Pretty similar. So that’s coming out on 2/15-ish, so I’ll post a link when that’s out. We did a complete re-recording of it, and it sounds AWESOME. Local awesome-all-around-guy-in-the-music-scene Dave Lawson recorded it and did a great job.

The other, slightly bigger, news: I’m moving to Los Angeles at the end of the month. I was unemployed for a little while when my company laid me off, and was searching for jobs mainly in the Detroit area. But then this opportunity somehow came about to go interview for a job in L.A., and they hired me, and I accepted. This is going to be a gigantic change in life for me, and I’m incredibly excited and also incredibly frightened. I’m excited to live in the same city as two of my oldest best friends and excited to start a new chapter in my career. I’ll still be doing software development there, but with a different DB and backend language (for those that are interested).

My trip to L.A. was pretty great. I extended it a bit past the interview date so I could explore the city and hang out with friends. I am looking forward to having awesome tacos all the time, being able to see my favorite comedians of all time do small sets in intimate bars and theaters, having the bands I like actually come to town for a show, and the constant warm weather. I think it’ll do a lot to lift my mood and that’s a good thing.

I’ll probably keep writing demos and putting stuff up once I move and get my equipment set up. Right now I’m still figuring everything out.


I JUST finished uploading all of my proper releases into Bandcamp. By “proper” releases, I mean the ones I ever made a physical object for, so Tenille, the Low Hello EP, and How Does It Know?. I am not sure still if I will put up the rest of the tracks from this site there, but if I do, I will likely just cram them all into one “release” called Part Time Songs or something. But anyway, take a look. I’ve put How Does It Know? up as a for-pay album, and the rest is free. I need to figure out how to link my actual merchandise (12″ 45 rpm record) with a purchase of the EP up there, but it seems straightforward.


We also put up the A Lady Never Tells Bandcamp page, too… which is here. We’ve got two songs up there so far, with more to come!


Record Release Recap

my stuff on the merch table!

whole band onstage

I just wanted to do a brief recap of the fun times we had on our three show stint around Michigan… Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows at Berkley Front, Elbow Room and (Scene) Metrospace! They all went well and were well attended. We even sold some records! There are some photo sets and a video on the Part Time Songs Facebook page. Most of the photos were taken by my wife. Thanks Doreen!

Here’s a video of us playing “Making Predictions” taken at the Elbow Room show:

Thanks to John Krohn for making these shows happen in the first place, and then secondly, making sure the ones in places we didn’t know that many people were well attended! We played to appreciative crowds all around, and I’m very happy to have been part of such a thing. Thanks to Dan, Robb, Angela and Chris for being an excellent band and good company, and thanks to Husband and Wife for rocking out at each of the shows we played.

The record will, of course, continue to be available for purchase through Lower Peninsula Records… we MAY decide to do a couple shows here and there in the future, if we can get everyone together. We’d have to find another lead guitar player, as John lives far away from us and it’s hard to get practice time in with him. But he did say he’d set up shows for us if I wanted them, so it’s always an option.

For now, it’s back to normal life for a bit, wherein I am not entirely self-promotional all the time. I’ll keep you alerted as to any new developments. My laptop died, so I may be out of the home recording for a little while till I can get a new HD and reinstall Windows XP, but keep checking in!

RPM Challenge

I had signed up to do the RPM Challenge, which is essentially the NaNoWriMo of songwriting, during the month of February. However, due to my February starting off with some very weird, busy times, I ended up starting really late. The goal is to do 10 songs or 35 minutes in 28 days, and I just started yesterday.

Anyway, I’m not gonna hold myself to finishing, but I’m going to try, because working on music always makes me feel better, and I’ve needed some “feel better” activities this month. So I’m just going to post all my finished songs up here, in addition to at the RPM Challenge site.

The next post will be the first song I finished today, “In the Cellar”… I’m trying to do these fast, so I’ve done minimal mixing/editing, so it’s rough draft/demo quality, which is sort of fun sometimes. However many I finish by the end of the month, I’ll package them up as an EP ZIP file and put it up on the Music page.

Suburban Sprawl Holiday Compilation contribution

Last night I finished my contribution to the Suburban Sprawl Holiday Compilation for 2009, which should be out in a week or so, I’m told.

The recording started off pretty strong, as we laid down drums and bass on the same day, and it was sounding pretty nice. Then I discovered the snare drum was clipping when I got home. Not having the time (or desire) to reorganize the recording session, I “solved” the issue by snipping out the bits of the snare wave that were clipping. They were tiny tiny amounts, and it’s almost imperceptible that I did anything. Sort of saved the track too.

Overall, I think it’s a solid tune, but my recording and mixing could’ve been better. At my current sound engineering skill level, I’d probably have needed to start re-recording stuff in order to get the sound I had in my head, but at a certain point I figured, hey, it’s a Christmas song for fun… why should I stress over every last detail? So I called it “done” at around 8pm last night.

It was a fun project, though it was somewhat difficult to come up with something appropriately holiday themed. The song ended up being called “I Want Christmas All Year Long (Not Six Months Only)”, and is sort of a sarcastic statement about wanting Christmas to start earlier in the year than it already does. Check it out at the Suburban Sprawl Holiday Compilation website next week!

“How Does It Know?”: my “Chinese Democracy”

Just a quick note to those paying attention — I’ve been working on an EP called “How Does It Know?” with my friend John Krohn up in Lansing since 12/29/07. We record like once a quarter (or so it seems), and my progress on finishing has been incredibly slow. In between sessions, there was a lot of writing and figuring and arranging. This is the longest I’ve worked on a project, and now that it’s so far into it, I want to make sure it’s really good so as to warrant the amount of time I spent on it.

Anyway, at this point, we’ve got all drums, bass, organ, piano, saxophone, guitar (though there might a bit more of that) done, and we’ve got lead vocal done on 5 out of 6 songs… The sixth song is missing lyrics still, and it’s been stumping me for a long time. Love the song, don’t know what to sing. These days I’m trying to finish writing all the vocal harmonies so I can get those recorded when John gets back from tour with his band, Frontier Ruckus.

I did declare at first session this year that this was the year I’d finish this record. Better get to work. But it will be finished, if not released this year. It’s going to be awesome.

In need of a distortion pedal

I have no idea what I need or want. Anyone have any insight on this? Anyone listen to enough of my stuff and know enough about distortion pedals to do a quickie set-up of me with a distortion pedal? Let me know!* I don’t have a ton of time to try out a ton of them. I wish I could just have a bunch of them in my home to try at my leisure, sort of a pedal buffet where after I try some of the food, I regurgitate the stuff I didn’t like and get my money back. Something like that.

*Perhaps what I’m looking for really is an overdrive pedal? Again, I have no idea.